Happy Monday Kurvy belles!

As we kick off the week, we want to exude power in our style from the office to the boardroom.

Florence’s duo-chrome black and white ensemble sets us off to an enthusing start. We bet you will always get it right with a knee-length body-hugging number. This piece can be a staple that you layer with a black or white blazer. Pair it with the black strappy heel just like Florence has scored, and voila! – you’re ready to knock’em out with a power look while you ace on the job. A small white purse is always a fave! And yes, finish the look off with a bright red matte lip to add a pop of color to the whole fit.

Martha’s monochrome muted tan look is versatile. Her warm-rich dress, just like Florence’s can be layered with a black, white, navy, tan, or pinstripe blazer. We love the nude pumps that are a classic staple for the curvy belle. To add a dash of color, you can switch the nude pumps for a black or white strappy heel or wedge. Again, this palette is so versatile allowing you to play with prints if you like a look with more details. Her small black leather purse is another functional wardrobe staple.

Be inspired and bring your A-game this week!

Outfit source:

Martha’s dress: Instagram – @kurvesofsteel_online_shop

Facebook: @shopwithkurvesofsteel

Florence’s Dress:

Photographed by: Boom Photography

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

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Hello Kurvy beauties,

What’s a Wednesday if we are not crushing on a style-forward duo! #WCE

The middle of the week always comes with mixed feelings – it is not quite the beginning of the week and yeap – it’s not the end of the week either. Nonetheless, it is always a grande opportunity to garb on something cute.

A knee-length dress with a clenched waist is a go-to just as Florence and Martha rock their knee-length print pieces.
If you are a risqué type of girl that loves animal print, Florence’s look is for you. She pairs it with the timeless black strappy sandal and a nude brown purse. We love the bright red pop of color on her lip to finish off the combo bold.

Martha’s button-down dress with three-quarter sleeves is a versatile number. For the boardroom look, you can button up the shirt to top to save the bare neck-area for a casual office look. We love that her carnivorous red matte lip finishes tees off the look.
Her small pastel pink shoulder purse is just about enough to hold some cash, cards and cellphone.

The beauty about both looks is they can both go from day to night if you are planning a mid-week catch up with the girls, or a nice evening date. You can even switch up the heels to pumps for a tad laid-back look.

Let us leave with you an inspiring quote to keep you motivated through to the end of the week. You got this!

Outfits source: Instagram @kurvesofsteel_online_shop

Facebook @shopwithkurvesofsteel

Florence’s dress: : @sheinofficial @sheincurve #SHEIN#SHEINgals


Photographed by: @Boom photography

Mua: @Dazzle Me Make up Artistry

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Hi Ladies

Hope y’all have been great. Well we’ve been off for a while and we apologise about that but we are here to let you know that we are back like we never left.

In today’s post we have featured Martha Tukahirwa for our #kurvesofsteelspotlightfeature. She is a feminist activist and we are sharing with you two outfit ideas for Brunch.

A brunch outfit is an ensemble that combines comfortable and fashionable pieces to create a stylish look. As a meal that combines breakfast and lunch, brunch is a popular weekend activity with friends, so there are no specific rules on what to wear that’s why we are sharing our ideas on what to wear.

If you’re the kind that loves floral dresses then Florence’s look is for you. It’s so cool to wear a little cute floral dress for brunch for it’s easy to style. Pair it with heels, add alittle hut like Florence did and viola, you’re done. You can opt for sneakers instead of heels for that chic easy breezy yet cool look if you’re not a heels person.

And if you’re the kind that loves comfort then opt for denim shorts which is Martha’s look. Denim shorts give an effortless yet super cool look. Pair these with a statement top and let it speak for you just like how Martha paired hers with that striped green bell sleeve ruffled top. Add apair of block heels, sandals or sneakers to complete the look. Also you can wear sunglasses like Martha did to make the look stand out.

Keep glued on for your daily dose of curves.

Outfits source : Instagram on @kurvesofsteel_online_shop

Facebook : @shopwithkurvesofsteel

Mua: Dazzle Me Make up Artistry

Photographed by: Boom Photography

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Hi Ladies in today’s post we bring you two Chic plus size wedding guest dresses to flaunt all your curves in and feel like the sexiest guest of honor.

If you’re the kind that loves high slits then Florence’s look is for you as it oozes timeless elegance and is bound to turn heads among the rest of the wedding guests. She opted for a dress that has a high slit because a slit, especially a high one, is a very sexy detail to show off your legs. She then completed her look with black heels and a black clutch which complimented her outfit so well.

Then if you’re the kind that wants an attention grabbing outfit then Nyonyozi’s outfit is for you. She opted for a red dress and we all know that colour Red is Bold and can look extremely stylish if worn right. With Nyonyozi’s outfit you’re definitely assured of being the center of attraction. She completed her outfit with a pair of bold pink heels to match, and a cute little gold clutch.

With both looks there’s no way you won’t be the ” Belle of the wedding “. Keep up with the blog for your daily dose of curves.


Outfit Details: @kurvesofsteel_online_shop

Photographed by: AIGO

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

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Ladies you just have to accept the fact that Casual Friday is not as casual as you imagined. You have to stay chic and elegant.

In today’s post we are going to show you two casual Friday work outfits that you too can try out.

If you’re the kind that likes relaxed attires then Nyonyozi’s Outfit is for you. She opted for a dress because they’re so easy to style and scream elegance. The dress she wore can be styled up using statement earrings or necklaces and also can be dressed down – In this case she opted for yellow shoes to complete her look and these added a pop of color to her outfit which made her look stand out.

Then if you’re the kind that loves Midi Skirts, Florence’s outfit is for you. She opted for a colourful Midi skirt because these are stylish and can be worn to work or any other place depending on how you style it. In this case she styled her colourful midi skirt with a yellow turtleneck top to achieve a bold look and added black heels which defined her whole outfit.

Ladies keep up with Blog for your daily dose of curves.


Outfit details: @kurvesofsteel_online_shop

Photographed by: AIGO

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

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We all know figuring out a different work outfit for every day of the week is quite a challenge. A work outfit shouldn’t be boring or too modest. Here are Two ideas for eye-catchy work outfits for you in today’s post.

If you’re the kind that loves a classy and timeless look then Nyonyozi’s look is for you. Creating classy outfits is about putting together crucial elements like earrings plus bags and making sure your style and confidence also shines through. So if you are ready to delve into a new classy look and answer the question of how to dress classy to work then look at Nyonyozi’s outfit.

Ladies you can never have too many pencil midi skirts. These knee-length skirts pair perfectly with every top in your closet. For polish, tuck your shirt into the skirt like Florence did to achieve that chic work look that screams “Boss ” yet so effortless.

Keep up with the blog for your daily dose of curves


Outfit details: @kurvesofsteel_online_shop

Photographed by: AIGO

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

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Hi Ladies we apologise we’ve been off for a while hope y’all have been great but guess what? We are back!!

Here’s to our very first post of 2020 and it’s sponsored by SHEIN

Ladies we think that we can all agree that finding the perfect chic outfit is a daunting task especially when you are plus size. Well, we have discovered a brand that just really knows how to design for curves and really pays attention to the needs of plus size bodies. SHEIN is one of those brands.

In this post Florence wanted to achieve a Chic yet effortless look so she went for a Jumpsuit that’s floral and has slits at the front. She decided to layer it with a turtleneck so as not to achieve a not so so basic look. So Ladies what you have to know is jumpsuits are an essential wardrobe item and there’s a jumpsuit out there for everybody type. They are easy to wear casually or dress them up for a night out. So Check out how Florence styled hers so you may pick a leaf on how you’ll style yours next.

For Nyonyozi to achieve her chic style with SHEIN she opted for a Two piece set say Co – Ords. These too are so easy to style for you can mix and match with them. Plus size matching sets make it easy to get ready and still look hot. Check out how Nyonyozi styled hers so you may have an idea of how you’ll be rocking yours.

Stay glued to the blog ladies for your daily dose of curves.


Outfit details

Florence’s Jumpsuit: SHEIN@sheinofficial#SHEIN#SHEINgals
​Search ID: 799645

Nyonyozi’s Co – ord set:

Search ID: 541698
SHEIN site:

Photographed by: AIGO

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

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Hey our curvy ladies, today is Saturday and you know what that means. WEDDINGSSSS!!!.

Here are some simple looks to help you plan that bomb outfit for your friend/relatives wedding. Remember that comfort is key. But you can have it all ladies. Comfort and elegance.

This black dress (Nyonyozi’s look) is from  misguided and it feels as dope as it looks(you can skip out on the body shaper for this one) it also works for all body types in my opinion.

Option 2: this red gorgeous cold shoulder dress (Florence’s look) is the rave right now. It’s from Shein (plus fashion) . There’s never been a better time to show off your shoulders than this season. The weather is right. This dress is stretchy so it has allowance for you to stuff your self *wink* and of course red transforms you from ordinary to extra-ORDINARY.

Please tag us in your photos this weekend. Remember you are beautiful, you are bold you are enough!!

Outfits source:

Nyonyozi’s look:

Florence’s look:

Photographed by: AIGO PHOTOGRAPHY

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

NOTE: when ordering from Shein (plus fashion) and you are plus size always size Up from your normal clothing size.

For a discount on your @sheinofficial orders use our coupon code as below:
kurvesofstee20(coupon code) (general link for coupon)

Use unique code: teeQ2
It is Extra 15% OFF any purchase for the whole site. (valid till 30th September

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Happy Friday ladies!!

Hoping y’all are doing great.

Well Life as a Career Girl is exciting as it’s all about chasing goals, striving for success, making personal achievements and feeling rewarded in and out of the office leaving you a busy Bee thus neglecting your office style.

In today’s post we sharing with you two Cool Friday outfit ideas that we are so sure you too can pull off.

If you prefer a fun and yet polished look for the office then Nyonyozi’s look is for you. To achieve this look, a striped pencil skirt is all you need. Striped skirts are a one classic piece that can be styled in numerous ways.  They can serve both decent and hot vibes depending on how you style them.  Nyonyozi paired hers with a white top which she tucked in, threw on a blazer to match up the look and to complete her whole look without being too serious she opted to add a pop of colour with her pink shoes so as the look appears serious and yet fun at the same time.

If you’re the kind thats obsessed about bodycon dresses then Florence’s look is for you.

Incase you’re wondering what a bodycon dress is, it’s simply a tight figure-hugging dress, often made from stretchy material.

Many ladies think they can’t pull off such dresses to work but in today’s post we showing you how you can pull off one.

Being a Friday and you want to dress – down but still achieve that career girl Friday’s outfit always go  for colors that are not so shouting. Remember to get the fit and length right. You can opt to Throw a blazer over it just how Florence did since a blazer is the easiest way to look work appropriate despite what you are wearing underneath plus always remember to keep the accessories minimal.

So go ahead ladies break necks even at your work places. Always carry these tips with you and stay glued for your daily dose of curves.

Outfits source:

Nyonyozi’s look: @kurvesofsteel_online_shop on Instagram

Florence’s look: @theladybirdstore

Photographed by: Aigo Photography

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

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Hi ladies hope y’all had a lovely weekend.

It’s Monday and for any woman in order to convey authority and competence at work one needs to look perfect. In other words, she needs to look like a total boss babe!

So in today’s post we serving you two Boss Babe Monday looks.

For a woman who wants to leave a great impression at work, Nyonyozi’s outfit is for you. With a striped dress you can never go wrong for its easily paired and makes the perfect throw-on-and-go piece for all seasons. All you need is a pair of cool heels and the perfect bag to complete the look.

If you’re the kind that loves colour then Florence’s outfit is for you. She opted for a dress with a bold colour simply because she wanted to achieve a look that shows people how awesome she is at her job without actually taking the focus off her work as the colour she wore screams Power.

Well Ladies it’s totally up to you what impression you want to leave. But one thing you have to know is powerful dressing makes the other person take you more seriously.

Stay glued on our blog for your daily dose of curves.

Outfits source:

Nyonyozi’s Dress shop it here: Instagram @kurvesofsteel_online_shop

Florence’s Dress: @LadyBirdBoutique

Make up Artist: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

Photographed by: Aigo Photography


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