Hey our curvy ladies, today is Saturday and you know what that means. WEDDINGSSSS!!!.

Here are some simple looks to help you plan that bomb outfit for your friend/relatives wedding. Remember that comfort is key. But you can have it all ladies. Comfort and elegance.

This black dress (Nyonyozi’s look) is from  misguided and it feels as dope as it looks(you can skip out on the body shaper for this one) it also works for all body types in my opinion.

Option 2: this red gorgeous cold shoulder dress (Florence’s look) is the rave right now. It’s from Shein (plus fashion) . There’s never been a better time to show off your shoulders than this season. The weather is right. This dress is stretchy so it has allowance for you to stuff your self *wink* and of course red transforms you from ordinary to extra-ORDINARY.

Please tag us in your photos this weekend. Remember you are beautiful, you are bold you are enough!!

Outfits source:

Nyonyozi’s look:

Florence’s look:

Photographed by: AIGO PHOTOGRAPHY

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

NOTE: when ordering from Shein (plus fashion) and you are plus size always size Up from your normal clothing size.

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Happy Friday ladies!!

Hoping y’all are doing great.

Well Life as a Career Girl is exciting as it’s all about chasing goals, striving for success, making personal achievements and feeling rewarded in and out of the office leaving you a busy Bee thus neglecting your office style.

In today’s post we sharing with you two Cool Friday outfit ideas that we are so sure you too can pull off.

If you prefer a fun and yet polished look for the office then Nyonyozi’s look is for you. To achieve this look, a striped pencil skirt is all you need. Striped skirts are a one classic piece that can be styled in numerous ways.  They can serve both decent and hot vibes depending on how you style them.  Nyonyozi paired hers with a white top which she tucked in, threw on a blazer to match up the look and to complete her whole look without being too serious she opted to add a pop of colour with her pink shoes so as the look appears serious and yet fun at the same time.

If you’re the kind thats obsessed about bodycon dresses then Florence’s look is for you.

Incase you’re wondering what a bodycon dress is, it’s simply a tight figure-hugging dress, often made from stretchy material.

Many ladies think they can’t pull off such dresses to work but in today’s post we showing you how you can pull off one.

Being a Friday and you want to dress – down but still achieve that career girl Friday’s outfit always go  for colors that are not so shouting. Remember to get the fit and length right. You can opt to Throw a blazer over it just how Florence did since a blazer is the easiest way to look work appropriate despite what you are wearing underneath plus always remember to keep the accessories minimal.

So go ahead ladies break necks even at your work places. Always carry these tips with you and stay glued for your daily dose of curves.

Outfits source:

Nyonyozi’s look: @kurvesofsteel_online_shop on Instagram

Florence’s look: @theladybirdstore

Photographed by: Aigo Photography

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

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Hi ladies hope y’all had a lovely weekend.

It’s Monday and for any woman in order to convey authority and competence at work one needs to look perfect. In other words, she needs to look like a total boss babe!

So in today’s post we serving you two Boss Babe Monday looks.

For a woman who wants to leave a great impression at work, Nyonyozi’s outfit is for you. With a striped dress you can never go wrong for its easily paired and makes the perfect throw-on-and-go piece for all seasons. All you need is a pair of cool heels and the perfect bag to complete the look.

If you’re the kind that loves colour then Florence’s outfit is for you. She opted for a dress with a bold colour simply because she wanted to achieve a look that shows people how awesome she is at her job without actually taking the focus off her work as the colour she wore screams Power.

Well Ladies it’s totally up to you what impression you want to leave. But one thing you have to know is powerful dressing makes the other person take you more seriously.

Stay glued on our blog for your daily dose of curves.

Outfits source:

Nyonyozi’s Dress shop it here: Instagram @kurvesofsteel_online_shop

Florence’s Dress: @LadyBirdBoutique

Make up Artist: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

Photographed by: Aigo Photography


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Dress Up Fridays


Hi Ladies! It’s been a while and hope y’all been great.

Well getting dressed for the office on a Friday can be a daily test of patience if you don’t wear a uniform at work. . But never fear! we’re bringing you two simple and chic work-appropriate outfit ideas to answer the perpetual question “what should I wear for the office on Friday?”

If you’re the kind that’s all about comfort at work then Nyonyozi’s look is for you. She wanted a ladylike vibe so she went for a pleated dress since they’re iron-free and can go from desk to happy hour which makes them supper versatile. she completed her look with cute pumps and  a structured handbag.

Florence decided to layer up her coral dress to give us pinafore vibes. This ultra-cute piece is all about fun and its versatile as well. The cream shirt she added under her dress gave it a nod that its perfect for the work place and completed her look by adding a belt for a chic feel.

This post is for all you career gals out there. Here at, we know the struggle of finding the perfect outfit for the daily grind so always stay glued for your daily dose of curves.

 Outfits source: Facebook –
Instagram- @kurvesofsteel_online_shop
Photographed by: TADO PHOTOGRAPHY
Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry
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Hey y’all

It’s been cold the last couple of days but today the thermometer did climb and the temperature did sizzle, so we thought to ourselves there’s no better way to stay cool and collected than by spending a day at the beach. Anyway with all that said just because you’re laid-back and relaxed doesn’t mean you needn’t think about your look.

So for all those that are planning to have  beach plot soon look no further as in today’s post we serving you two outfit ideas that is from Florence and Priscilla whom we’ve  been featuring for our ” kurvesofsteel fashion spotlight”

With the weather being warm, Florence decided to go for a short cute floral dress that she paired with wedges as they are the perfect shoes to walk on sand. She went a head and added a belt over her dress since these make an everyday dress look seriously amazing.

Priscilla decided to go for a wine maxi dress  that’s fitted on top, and flowing down. She paired it with sandals to simply achieve a casual and yet cute look. Keep in mind all sizes can rock maxi dresses you just have to know your body type.

By the way ladies both looks can be pulled off by any curvy girl out there regardless of size, height and body type so don’t accept to be told that you can’t rock any of these.

Well leave us a comment and let us know what you think of our outfits and keep glued to the blog for your daily dose of kurves.

Outfits source: Facebook – Shopwithkurvesofsteel

Instagram – @kurvesofsteel_online_shop

Photographed by: @ TADO PHOTOGRAPHY

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry



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Happy Women’s Day!!!


It’s our day, ladies. Happy International Women’s Day!!!

In celebration of this event, we went a head and featured Priscilla for our ” Kurvesofsteel fashion spotlight” . We believe there are so many ways to celebrate this day and dressing  accordingly is one of them because the colors you choose to wear that day will carry an  unspoken meaning that’s louder than words.

Read on to find out why we chose these particular colors Blue and Red for our two outfit ideas that one can rock in honour of women’s day.

Priscilla went for a Blue fit and flare lace dress simply because this particular dress can be worn over dinner with the ladies and well, we all know blue as a color symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and  intelligence so she decided to stand for all that in her look. And went for black heels to complete the outfit.

Florence decided to go all Red from head to toe in a pantsuit simply because red signals strength, boldness, confidence and Independence, giving the wearer an ability to conquer anything in her path. We’re convinced every powerful woman owns a red suit. Whether it’s a full-on pantsuit or blazer and skirt, this colored ensemble screams ” power ” and has been seen on ladies such as Hillary Clinton, and Kate Middleton. All we can say is Florence served us outfit goals right there and this outfit can go from meetings to official events.

Don’t forget to stay glam and beautiful as today is our day.

Outfits source: @kurvesofsteel_online_store

Photographed by: TADO PHOTOGRAPHY

Mua: Dazzzle Me Make Up Artistry






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Dress Down Friday


TGIF Ladies!!!

Don’t you just love Friday? One last stretch before the weekend, well Its Dress Down Friday for us meaning its that time when Guys get to ditch the suit and tie, while ladies can leave that boring sheath dress and blazer in the closet.

Anyway hope y’all been great. We been away for a while but we back at it so be hooked for more style inspiration.

In today’s post we decided to feature Priscillar for our ” Kurvesofsteel Fashion Spotlight” . We serving you two outfit ideas that one can pull off on a Friday and run errands in while staying casually cute.

Well if your the kind that’s always sought comfort in your pair of jeans then Priscilla’s look is for you. All she did to make her outfit the bomb was dress it up by pairing it with a striped off the shoulder top so she stays cute during the day while making a statement at the same time. One thing for sure is you can’t fail to steal the show if you wear an off the shoulder top so y’all ladies should have one in your closets for days like this.

And if your the kind that wants to stay sexy and fierce even when dressed casually then Florence’s look is your go to. She went for a Nude Body con dress because this  hugs every curve of you and makes you feel and look ah-mazing!! She decided to layer her look with a denim jacket to make it more casual since these let you be more flexible with your style and pretty much go with anything and went low key on accessories.

Well ladies keep following us for your daily dose of curves

Outfits sources: @kurvesofsteel online store

Photographed by: TADO PHOTOGRAPHY

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

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The 700 days of janworry are here by over and this is the first Friday of the month of February. So how do you transition from that sorry to happiness from the office to an evening out with friends or maybe even a party. The answer is you wear florals or a blazer(which you will take off later) genius right? I know.

Nyonyozi here chose a playful look of florals which blend well for the evening out when paired with heels but you can do yours with a pair of pumps as well that may or may not be switched up later.

Florence chose a blazer to cover up while in office running around all day. She chose a figure hugging dress which would reveal her curves once the blazer goes off.

This being the first Friday don’t go out in a boring outfit follow us to get ideas on how you will be rocking out the rest of the year.

Outfit source : kurves of steel store

Photographed by: Benjamin Kadino

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry
Ps: look out for our valentines day looks coming soon.

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Girl Boss


Hey ladies

The second post of the new year is dedicated to all the independent women every where in this country. We had to do this look to introduce to you how to win at career while looking hot and Kurvy. First things first Nyonyozi chose black on black because who doesn’t know that this combo makes you look about 20 pounds lighter. And look at the bomb earrings paired with to give life to the out fit.

Florence went for a black pinafore that she paired with a bow tie burnt orange blouse to give you all your goals. I honestly want to think that this blouse should be hanging in every lawyer,accountants,pastors closet.

Good luck this year ladies climb the career ladder while wearing the right clothes and heels!!!!!!

Out fit source:

Photographed by: Bwombeka Benjamin

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

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Back To Work Fabulousity!!!


Happy New year ladies!!

Thank you for all the support in the past year. We promise to serve you through out 2018 . Its Tuesday and most of us are going back to work today after such a long holiday. The dilemma is on what to wear. We have set New year resolutions and we want to work harder and be on top of our game it’s no wonder we want our clothes to reflect the energy going forth.

So in today’s post we are opening the year with these two great outfits. Nyonyozi chose all neutrals or nudes both blouse and skirt since she wanted to achieve a polished, chic and yet professional look and in case you didn’t know nudes are the new black so add them to your wardrobes ladies.

Florence went for a black peplum blouse that she paired with burnt orange trousers. Now black never goes wrong with anything. And the peplum is great for covering up all the food we have been eating during the festive season🤣These looks are very easy to put together because most times nudes can be worn together. They are really safe when you’re in doubt.

Happy 2018!!!!!

Outfit source:
Photographed by: Bwombeka Benjamin

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

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