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Well color blocking is in, but how do you execute the perfect color block outfit? For those that don’t know what color blocking is it’s wearing of multiple solid colors in an outfit. While color blocking one thing you have to know is major colors go with major ones, while minors create a beautiful union with minor ones. All we can say is the simplest solution is to follow the rule of the “color wheel”

Color blocking outfits are one of the easiest ways to stand out and look fashionable, while still seeming approachable and what you have to know is some clothes come already colour blocked or you can put a colour block outfit together yourself by pairing brightly coloured clothing together just like how us the kurvesofsteel ladies have put it out in the pictures.

The other great thing about color blocking is that it can be done with fairly basic, comfortable, and affordable items like your accessories that is bags, scarfs, earrings,  shoes you name it.

So ladies we’ve taught you how to color block, now it’s time to start thinking about doing it as well.

Here’s to Us Blocking It Out

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Photographed by: Esther Mbabazi

MUA: Frais Touch

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