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Well when it comes to our personal style we exactly wear what we want. ln todays post we decided to break the rules by wearing crop tops which we styled differently by pairing them with askater skirt and a body-con midi skirt.

We of the view that No matter what anyone says, crop tops do not have a size limit, are easily styled and anyone can wear them. Our style tip to all you beauties out there who hesitate to try new styles is always do you, girl if you’re comfortable and confident in something, you should totally rock it — no matter your age, current trends, or body type just send haters to the left since these crop tops are here to stay.







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Photographed by: Martha Kay

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Kurves of Steel

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  1. Okay. Here i go again. Nice article. Well you needed courage, i wrote you that the last time. Well it goes on. And in the right good rythm. I am happy with that. Florence you are an golden girl, just like your friend. But show more legs. Perhaps with high heels. I know you are good with that. Well you are on the good way. Okay girls go on.

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