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So finally we get to share with you our very first post that features the denim+gray shirt/t.shirt dresses which we paired with sneakers for our casual comfy look.

Well the casual/comfy look is the perfect balance between comfort and style so we decided to go casual in this outfit simply because we love simplicity and these shirt dresses give you that very clean yet polished look plus are so easy to wear and are perfect for all body types all you have to do is to add some nice accessories and you good to go. We must say they make the perfect wardrobe staple and with all the raging denim themed baby showers now days it’s safe to add a shirt dress to your wardrobe you just might never know when you will need it.






OutFit Details: Not Specified

Photographed by: Martha Kay

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Kurves of Steel

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  1. I should wrote you an comment. Well done ladies. An nice presentation of how to dress and an courage in this world to stay for who you are. Nice pictures, well organized. The message i read in your presentation was clear. I loved it. I wish you both luck and hope to hear more from and read from both of your fantastic fashion insights. Well done.

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