The 700 days of janworry are here by over and this is the first Friday of the month of February. So how do you transition from that sorry to happiness from the office to an evening out with friends or maybe even a party. The answer is you wear florals or a blazer(which you will take off later) genius right? I know.

Nyonyozi here chose a playful look of florals which blend well for the evening out when paired with heels but you can do yours with a pair of pumps as well that may or may not be switched up later.

Florence chose a blazer to cover up while in office running around all day. She chose a figure hugging dress which would reveal her curves once the blazer goes off.

This being the first Friday don’t go out in a boring outfit follow us to get ideas on how you will be rocking out the rest of the year.

Outfit source : kurves of steel store

Photographed by: Benjamin Kadino

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry
Ps: look out for our valentines day looks coming soon.

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Kurves of Steel

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  1. You beauties did it again!! Florence you look incredible in that dress, your curves are absolutely stunning!! Nyonyozi you look so pretty and really well coordinated. If I were stuck in that lift with the two of you, I would NOT complain that’s for sure lol!! 😉 😉 x xx

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