Happy Monday Kurvy belles!

As we kick off the week, we want to exude power in our style from the office to the boardroom.

Florence’s duo-chrome black and white ensemble sets us off to an enthusing start. We bet you will always get it right with a knee-length body-hugging number. This piece can be a staple that you layer with a black or white blazer. Pair it with the black strappy heel just like Florence has scored, and voila! – you’re ready to knock’em out with a power look while you ace on the job. A small white purse is always a fave! And yes, finish the look off with a bright red matte lip to add a pop of color to the whole fit.

Martha’s monochrome muted tan look is versatile. Her warm-rich dress, just like Florence’s can be layered with a black, white, navy, tan, or pinstripe blazer. We love the nude pumps that are a classic staple for the curvy belle. To add a dash of color, you can switch the nude pumps for a black or white strappy heel or wedge. Again, this palette is so versatile allowing you to play with prints if you like a look with more details. Her small black leather purse is another functional wardrobe staple.

Be inspired and bring your A-game this week!

Outfit source:

Martha’s dress: Instagram – @kurvesofsteel_online_shop

Facebook: @shopwithkurvesofsteel

Florence’s Dress:

Photographed by: Boom Photography

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

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Date Vibes with Shein

Hey y’all

We apologize ladies we’ve been off scene but we are back and this time we promise to keep consistent .

It’s sarruday ( Saturday ) means the weekend!! and it’s that time for dinner dates being set . Well you could be having one planned out already but confused about what to wear, this post is for you.

In today’s post we are collaborating with Shein (plus fashion) and are serving you two outfit ideas that you can rock.

If you’re alover of florals then Florence’s look is for you.  Usually when we think about a sexy outfit for adinner date, a floral dress probably isn’t the first thing that would come to mind. But, for our flower-loving girls, the dream isn’t over yet! With the right styling or even one simple accessory, what was once a sweet dress can be transformed into an unexpectedly sexy look that will have all eyes on you and that’s what Florence did.

If you’re someone that loves playing it safe then Nyonyozi’s look is for you. This Black dress hugs every curve and its length is just perfection. Any shorter and the dress would have been scandalous and any longer – well that just wouldn’t work.  It’s mesh sleeves add a touch of femininity and when coupled with the floral embroidery the black dress elevates into a sexy dress. Be sure to impress when on a first date in this dress.

NOTE: When ordering from Shein (plus fashion) and you are plus size always size Up from your normal clothing size.

Outfits source:

Nyonyozi’s Dress order it here

Florence’s Dress order it here

For a discount use our coupon code as below:

kurvesofstee20(coupon code) (general link for coupon)

It is 20% off based on original price and ONLY valid for the order over $59 of plus-size items.
Makeup Artist: Dazzle Me Makeup Artistry
Photographed by: Aigo Photography
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That Showstopper Outfit

Hey y’all

Well its been a while but hope y’all have been great.

Are you feeling alittle uninspired by your closet?Not sure what to wear for a girls outing? Well Set aside the bandage dress and sequined skirt and try something new.

In today’s post we serving you two outfit ideas that you can rock and simply be a showstopper instead of blending in.

One thing for sure is everyone will be pulling out their best guns once they set their eyes on you. Run to this shein jumpsuit or two piece and stand out like you were born to.

Grab both Outfits here:

@sheinofficial #shein Search ID: 470263 Search ID: 490743
General link for coupon:
Use the coupon code to enjoy 15% off: tee15
It is 15% off based on discounted price and ONLY valid for the order over $59 of plus-size items.

Photographed by: @king_of_hearts

Mua: Dazzle Me Make Up Artistry

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